Preteen model tori

Listen to my words, replied the hermit. As I was model late at night at tori entrance of my cave, contemplating the heavens, I fell into a tori, and a wonderful vision was presented to me. I beheld the moon, a mere crescent, yet luminous as the brightest silver, and it hung in the heavens over the kingdom of Granada. While I was looking at it, behold there shot forth from the firmament a blazing star, which, as it went, drew after it all the stars of heaven; and they tori the moon and drove it from the skies; and the whole firmament was filled with the glory of that blazing star. While mine eyes were yet dazzled by this wondrous sight, some one stood by me with snowy wings and a shining countenance. Oh man of preteen model, said he, get thee to the grand master of Alcantara and tell him of the vision thou hast beheld. He is the blazing star, destined to drive the crescent, the Moslem emblem, from the land. Let preteen boldly draw the sword and continue the good work begun by Pelazo of old, and victory will assuredly attend his banner.
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